Biblical Higher Criticism and the Defense of Infallibilism in 19th-Century Britain

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Surveys the history of disputes in Britain between partisans of the historical-critical reading of the Old Testament and conservative scholars determined to retain the total inerrancy/infallibility of the Bible.


"The aim of this volume is to survey the contrasting, not to say conflicting, positions assumed in the controversy over the so-called Higher Criticism . . . . As a chronicle of its subject this book is full and informative." - Journal of Ecclesiastical History

". . . an informative and important work for all who are interested in the background to present disputes over the nature and authority of the Bible. . . . The volume is strongest in its vivid presentation of the conflicting views of the participants in the struggle [and] has important implications for the same conflict in American Protestantism about a generation later." - Southwestern Journal of Theology

"a most clear and competent account of the controversy in Britain" - Faith and Thought

"The struggle over Bible inerrancy/infallibilism still goes on; the present volume is an excellent treatment of the initial years of that struggle in Britain." - ADRIS

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