Social and Ethnic Dimensions of Matthean Salvation History

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Seeks to redress the methodologically questionable and often implicitly anti-Jewish technique of negatively valuing the exclusivity logion and then assigning it to narrow "Jewish-Christian" sources incompatible with Matthew's own outlook.


". . . draws critically and cautiously upon the methodology of historical criticism but is most directly indebted to literary critical and feminist analysis. . . . Levine writes clearly, represents her scholarly opponents accurately, and treats them fairly. She stays close to the gospel itself. . . . the overall argument is impressive." - Encounter

". . . a well-crafted and single-minded job that is worthy of close attention. . . . This thought-provoking, serious study is highly recommended." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

". . . stimulating and wide-ranging study . . . has advanced the discussion and opened up new areas for investigation." - Journal of Biblical Literature

". . . a significant addition to Matthean interpretation, it is also a reminder how difficult it is to separate strictly historical inferences from conclusions suggested by contemporary concerns." - Toronto Journal of Theology

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