Battered Jewish Wives: Case Studies in the Response to Rage

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A study by the founder and director of Shiloh, a hotline and shelter for battered Jewish wives.


". . . also deals with non-Jewish battered wives, and makes comparisons between the two groups of women and their husbands. . . . includes chapters on research methods, experiences of Jewish and non-Jewish battered wives, and historical Jewish attitudes toward wife-beating. . . . [Scarf's] main argument is that domestic violence is not unknown in Jewish families, and that the Jewish community must acknowledge this before major changes can occur." _ Studies on Women Abstracts

"This is a book which stuns the reader, but it must be read. . . . This book is a must for all concerned Jewish persons, especially Jewish communal professionals, for the opening of the eyes that it brings." - David R. Blumenthal in Conservative Judaism

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