The Interaction of Scientific and Jewish Cultures in Modern Times

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The articles in this volume deal with the impact of science on the Jews from the 18th through the 20th centuries in terms of two broad topics: the impact of science on traditional Jewish cultures; and the role of Jews in the scientific professions in the 19th and 20th centuries, in particular the issue of the professionalization of science in this period and the roles Jews played in this process.


". . . this volume introduces a range of issues that no student of modern Jewish life can ignore, and provides invaluable historical background to questions of continuing relevance." - Jonathan Sarna

"Among the essays in this pioneering volume worth of special mention are Ira Robinson's on the diffusion of science among Russian Jewry, Lois Dubin's on V.H. Castiglioni and the Italian-Jewish response to Darwin, Alan Rocke's on anti-semitism in German chemistry, Jehuda Reinharz' on Weizmann, acetone and the Balfour Declaration, and Irving Wolfe's on Velikovsky and catastrophism. This volume, varying in treatments, subjects and depth of research, is unified by its central, virtually unique attention to a critically important and historically significant theme." - Robert Kargon

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