Aucassin & Nicolette, a Chantefable From the Twelfth-Century Minstrels

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This work offers a long overdue, new facing-page English translation of Aucassin et Nicolette, the important Medieval French chantefable. The translator offers a prologue which serves to introduce the translation and to contextualize the work. This book contains 12 color photographs and 5 black and white photographs.


“The excellent translation and notes – the culmination of a decades-long fascination with the poem – render with nuance and sensitivity the uniqueness of the chant-fable. ... This is a tour de force of the translator’s art as well as a labor of love and discernment.” – Dr. Stephen G. Nichols, James M. Beall Professor of French and Humanities, Chair, Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures, Johns Hopkins University

“Jura’s Aucassin and Nicollette, A Chantefable from the Twelfth-Century Minstrels: A Facing-Page Translation is an ambitious project which gives much-deserved attention to this important medieval text. Translation is challenging work, and Jura has presented a moving version of the story of Aucassin and Nicolette through his fine translation.” – Dr. Marcella Munson, Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature, Florida Atlantic University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Stephen G. Nichols
Translator’s Prologue
Aucassian & Nicolette

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