Anti-Hegelian Reading of Economic Theory

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This book examines political economy through the eyes of a philosopher. The framework for analysis is a materialistic and naturalistic one based on logical considerations, identified with a Western philosophical tradition which stretches from Epicurus to Aquinas to Rousseau to the contemporary anti-Hegelian reaction of Feuerbach, Marx and Della Volpe. It builds an original philosophical approach, analyzes economic doctrines from the point of view of their logical shortcomings, producing a highly original view of the relationship between capitalist culture and political economy, and sketching an alternative political economy, concrete-based, historical and taxonomic.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Anti-Hegelian Reading of Economic Theory
2. The Anti-Hegelian Position
3. Capitalism’s Intellectual Flaws: Radical Outcomes of the Hypostatization Critique
4. The Anti-Hegelian Method. Historical Perspective
5. Towards a New Political Economy
6. Economic Anthropology of Capitalism: Institutions
7. The Capitalist State
8. A Dynamic Political Economy
9. Conclusions
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