History and Interpretation of the Logic of Hegel

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The aim of this work is to outline a systematic historical account of the developments of Hegel's logic, both in his own works and those of his most significant followers, and on the basis of that, to outline a coherent interpretation and internal criticism (where this is needed) from a consistently `idealistic-transcendental' philosophical perspective.


"This is an excellent new contribution to Hegel studies. . . . this book is to be recommended for its erudition, its philosophical sensitivity to the tradition of metaphysics, its seriousness in trying to think through the full range of Hegel's philosophical project, its detailed overview of Hegel's major predecessors and successors." - William Desmond in Philosophical Studies

"This is a most important contribution to Hegel commentary and ought to have a momentous effect. It is highly to be recommended and should be required reading not only for serious students of Hegel, but also for philosophy graduates in general. The book does not merely illuminate Hegel's doctrines in the Logic, but throws light upon the entire Hegelian system, on its historical setting, and upon contemporary Hegelian scholarship. Very few recent writings on Hegel have shown a perspicacious grasp of his ideas to compare with this author's and the book will do much to promote a proper understanding of the philosopher." - Errol E. Harris

". . . Rinaldi's Work represents a milestone in the history of Hegel scholarship from which the general reader of philosophy will have much to gain and that no careful student of Hegel can afford to overlook." - Darrel E. Christensen

". . . the Science of Logic is both the central and the most difficult text of Hegel's philosophy, and anyone seriously interested in Hegel will welcome a new commentary as learned and perspicuous as this one. . . . The comparative study of the histories

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