An Organizational, Social-Psychological, and Ethical Analysis of School Administrators’ Use of Deception

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This book makes a major contribution to the scholarship of organizational analysis and leadership. It describes the imperfect world of school organizations as navigated by flesh-and-blood human beings – the leaders in this study are real people in real situations. It illuminates the ethical reasoning articulated by school principals in response to candid questions: why they chose to ignore, bend, or break rules; why they chose not to disclose factual information; or why they lied. Current administrators will find affirmation and validation in its theoretical grounding. Professors in graduate educational leadership programs will find integrity of scholarship, authentic descriptions of the realities of professional practice, and a means for promoting lively discussions. Scholars of organizational analysis and leadership studies will find a gold mine of data and future research suggestions.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Rationale and Statement of the Problem
2. Review of the Literature: Organizational Theory
3. Review of the Literature: Social Psychology Theory
4. Review of the Literature: Ethical Theory
5. Methods and Procedures
6. Summary of Findings: Organizational Analysis
7. Summary of Findings: Social Psychological Analysis
8. Summary of Findings: Ethical Analysis
9. Conclusions and Recommendations
References; Appendices

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