An Introduction to Greek Mythology Story, Symbols, and Cultures

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Based on the lecture notes of a brilliant classical scholar who possessed the unique ability of bringing to vibrant life the thoughts and aspirations of Greek writers of man eons ago, this book will fill a need not only for scholars and educated laymen but for advanced students in the classics for whom no really adequate introduction to Greek mythology now exists. Topics include myth and religion, purpose in the creation myth, human origins, death and deliverance, wildness and civilization, nature and culture amongst the gods, the nature of the Hero, the place of the family in the community, the Hero in the family and the polis, and the search for self-knowledge. Includes notes, bibliography, glossary of Greek names and terms, index.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Greek Myths and Culture
2. Gods and Humans in the World
3. The Hero Between God and Human
4. A Question of Morals/Right against Might
5. Problems of Morals/Right against Right
6. Heroic Identities
7. Identity of Hero and Community
8. Culture and Nature
9. Deliverance from Death
10. Myth in Relation (Literature, History, Geography, Scientific-Philosophical Reasoning)
Appendix One: Power, Glory and Grief: Contours of the Greek Warrior Myth
Appendix Two: Gods, Men and Women; Goddess and Heroes of Athens; Religion and Politics
Epicedium; Bibliography; Index

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