Barrell, Rex A.

An Introduction to Greek Mythology Story, Symbols, and Cultures
2000 0-7734-7748-9
Based on the lecture notes of a brilliant classical scholar who possessed the unique ability of bringing to vibrant life the thoughts and aspirations of Greek writers of man eons ago, this book will fill a need not only for scholars and educated laymen but for advanced students in the classics for whom no really adequate introduction to Greek mythology now exists. Topics include myth and religion, purpose in the creation myth, human origins, death and deliverance, wildness and civilization, nature and culture amongst the gods, the nature of the Hero, the place of the family in the community, the Hero in the family and the polis, and the search for self-knowledge. Includes notes, bibliography, glossary of Greek names and terms, index.

Price: $199.95

Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713), and `le Refuge Fran├žais': correspondence
1989 0-88946-466-9
Documents the Third Earl's correspondence with five leading figures of the Holland-based `refuge fran├žais': Pierre Bayle, Jacques Basnage, Jean Le Clerc, Pierre Coste, and Pierre Des Maizeaux. All five were very active as intermediaries between Continental and English thought in the Republic of Letters, located in Holland because of that country's encouragement of free inquiry. Most of the correspondence is presented for the first time and reveals aspects of Shaftesbury's life and thought that should lead to a definitive study of his impact on French thought.

Price: $179.95

Correspondence of Abel Boyer, Huguenot Refugee (1667-1729)
1992 0-7734-9488-X
This important and prolific writer (author of the first truly scientific French-English, English-French dictionary, as well as numerous translations, commentaries, and major studies) has been much neglected. He was an active intermediary between European and English writers in the Republic of Letters. This edition of the extant correspondence includes letters which exist only in manuscript, and others published in the eighteenth century by Boyer himself but without annotation. This study examines the letters in depth.

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Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, and His French Correspondents
1990 0-88946-451-0
Francis Atterbury (1662-1732), Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster, was one of the greatest Churchmen of the latter part of the seventeenth century and the first two decades of the eighteenth. Exiled as a traitor to Europe in 1724, he spent the rest of his life in France and died in Paris. While Atterbury's political correspondence has been edited and published, his literary correspondence has been practically ignored. Much of the latter disappeared during the revolutionary upheavals, but enough remains to form some idea of his literary tastes and critical faculties. This work is an edition of his correspondence with Thieriot (a friend of Voltaire), the Marquis de Caumont, and Charles Rollin. Includes a preface outlining the textual apparatus, an introduction, a biographical sketch, prefaces for Atterbury's correspondents, a bibliography, and an index.

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French Correspondence of James, 1st Earl Waldegrave (1684-1741)
1996 0-7734-9073-6
This edition contains over 100 mostly unpublished letters written in French to or by James, 1st Earl Waldegrave, who held the post of British Ambassador to France from 1730 to 1740. It provides insight into a transition period in France, a time of intellectual, social and political ferment marked by unstable relations between the major powers. The book will form the basis for a full study of Waldegrave's significant contribution to Anglo-French relations in the first half of the eighteenth century. Letters in French, notes and annotations in English.

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George Augustus Selwyn (1719-1791) and France Unpublished Correspondence
1991 0-88946-585-1
An edition of the correspondence from the Marquise du Deffand to George Augustus Selwyn, celebrated wit and minor politician of the eighteenth century. Selwyn, like his life-long friend Horace Walpole, destroyed or had destroyed his side of the correspondence, but the Marquise's letters survive, providing an interesting insight into the social history of the times. Thirty-two of these letters are published for the first time in this volume. Includes preface outlining the textual apparatus, an introduction, an appendix containing twenty-five unpublished letters to Selwyn from other French correspondents, a bibliography, and an index.

Price: $179.95

Horace Walpole (1717-1797) and France
1991 0-7734-9737-4
This work is a learned study of the famous British man of letters, an astute observer of human nature, local custom, literature and history. It sets the seal on Walpole's place in history, evaluates his contribution to 18th century society and literature, and provides a fascinating picture of two very different civilizations. An immense fund of biographical material is used to give the reader a remarkably complete portrait of an enigmatic and intriguing figure.

Price: $339.95