An English Translation of Jean Renaut’s galeran De Bretagne, a Thirteenth-Century French Romance

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This is the first translation into English of this notable and important love poem. The ambitious work, carefully written and constructed, is consciously part of the formation of a literature in the vernacular using material other than Classical or Scriptural, following Marie de France and Chrétien de Troyes. Of especial interest is the portrait of the heroine with qualities of mind and character that more than match those of the hero.


“Thanks to John Beston’s clear and elegant translation, many more readers can now discover the artistic quality of Galeran of Brittany." - David Staines, Professor of English, University of Ottawa

“. . .thanks to Beston’s translation, Galeran will find the place it deserves in Great Texts and World Literature courses. Beston must be congratulated for producing a translation that is so lively, precise, and elegant.” – Professor K. Sarah-Jane Murray, Honors College, Baylor University

“The time is ripe for bringing Galeran de Bretagne to a broader audience, and John Beston’s prose translation is ready to do that. . . . In its laudable effort to remain close to the medieval text, Beston’s prose preserves the flavor (and sometimes the syntax) of the Old French verse.” - Dr. Suzanne Kocher, Associate Professor, BORSF Professor in Francophone Studies; Graduate Coordinator, Department of Modern Languages, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Table of Contents

Who Was Jean Renaut?
The Reception of the Poem
The Relationship between Renaut and Marie de France
The Relationship of Galeran to Breton Material
The Originality of Renaut
Theory of Translation
Jean Renault, Galeran of Bretagne
Appendix: Marie de France, Lai le Fresne

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