An English Translation and Commentary on Amand Vanderhagen’s MÉthode Nouvelle et RaisonneÉ Pour La Clarinette (1785) and nouvelle MÉthode De Clarinette (1799): A Study in Eighteenth-Century French Clarinet Music

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This work provides for the first time, the complete English translations and analyses of the first known, Classical-era pedagogical treatises for the clarinet. The project makes available valuable information on performance techniques used by Classical-era clarinetists, particularly in Amand Vanderhagen’s discussions of the embouchure, reeds, and embellishments. In addition, it demonstrates Vanderhagen’s influence on subsequent clarinetists.


“. . . the first study which fleshes out in any great detail [Vanderhagen’s] life and work, as well as presenting an English translation with commentary on his two clarinet methods written for the Classical five-keyed clarinet.” – Prof. David Ross,University of Texas at El Paso

“. . . much more than a welcome addition. It is almost a revelation. . . . It is critical to know how we have evolved on our instruments to better inform our performance and our teaching.” – Prof. Steven Cohen, Northwestern University

Table of Contents

Foreword by David Ross
1. The Life of Amand Vanderhagen
2. Méthode nouvelle et raisonnée pour la clarinette (1785)
3. Nouvelle méthode de clarinette (1799)
4. An Analysis of Méthode nouvelle et raisonnée pour la clarinette and Nouvelle méthode de clarinette
5. The Relationship Between the Treatises of Vanderhagen, Blasius, and Lefèvre
6. The Legacy of Amand Vanderhagen
Appendix One: Vanderhagen’s Oeuvre
Appendix Two: Works by Amand Vanderhagen Currently In Print
Appendix Three: Listing of Content for the Methods of Vanderhagen, Blasius, and Lefèvre

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