An Annotated Dictionary of Technical, Historical, and Stylistic Terms Relating to Theatre and Drama a Handbook of Dramaturgy

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This practical handbook of terms, theories and styles relevant to the study and practice of dramaturgy encompasses textual, performance and production conventions as they have appeared throughout the history of drama and theatre. It is intended primarily for university students and teachers of dramatic literature, theatre history and aesthetics, and dramatic theory. The entries contain factual information, definitions and commentaries. All terms are cross-referenced, and many entries are illustrated and include suggestions for further study in addition to footnotes and a selected bibliography. Thirteen diagrams and drawings.


"A welcome addition to the field of dramaturgy, this excellent reference book was created to serve as a resource text for students of theater history, dramatic theory, and theater esthetics. . . . discusses the origin, meaning, historical significance, and dramaturgical implications of theatrical terms. . . . Recommended for graduate students and faculty, but also valuable for college and large public libraries." - Choice

"The writing is clear and lively throughout, and complex ideas are rendered understandable without being reduced to simplistic notions. One of the particular strengths of the dictionary is the use of numerous cross-references, which appear in bold typeface and allow for the study of a line of related concepts. Also noteworthy are the illustrative diagrams, which succeed in illuminating a number of complex theories. The dictionary will be particularly useful to students of theater history and dramatic theory." - American Reference Books Annual, 1996, Libraries Unlimited, Inc.

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