African-American Sociopolitical Philosophy: Imagining Black Communities

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Examines several conceptions of community drawn from both mainstream analytic philosophy and from the African-American philosophical tradition. It scrutinizes these in light of the need to provide models that are empirically adequate to African-American experiences of community and ideals capable of guiding African-Americans in the struggle to rebuild communities. Following an examination of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘Beloved Community,’ the study analyzes Cornel West’s and Lucius Outlaw’s ideals for African-American political community.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Lucius T. Outlaw, Jr.
1. Introduction: Philosophies of Community
2. Beloved Community: Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. Black Nationalism: African-American Shared Conception of the Good
4. Multicultural Community: Kymlicka’s Liberal Theory of Minority Rights
5. The Politicization of Beloved Community: Cornel West
6. Critical Social Theory: Lucius Outlaw
7. Conclusion: Toward the Postmodern Black Community
Bibliography; Index

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