African American Women Quitting the Workplace

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This volumes presents detailed stories of the reasons why six African-American professional women quit their jobs. Each woman's story is told in her own voice, through oral taped interviews and through writing. Their stories are rich and the language is colorful. While readers will see each woman's unique circumstances, they will also note remarkable similarities among the stories and the views expressed therein. An abstract precedes each story. After the stories, the author provides a grounded analysis. The texts of the stories provide the basis for further analysis and theory-building by scholars, employers, and laypersons who wish to go beyond this study.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Preface, Introduction


The Six Narratives

When the Spirit Speaks, They Listen(ed): Leaps of Faith; Toward a Grounded Understanding; Answering the Call; Politics at Work

Concluding Thoughts

Bibliography, Index

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