African American Community Development (with Twelve Case Studies)

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A fresh and needed perspective to Black and inner city communities that have suffered from lack of development and investment. The book offers a reasoned and demonstrated approach to the oppressed African American community as a means of self improvement in the hope of achieving self-reliance and
independence for a better quality of life.


“… does a service in describing various forms of community development and the many definitions of community. As the book covers these issues, it makes a contribution to the debate about community development in some of the nation’s most deprived neighborhoods. It reveals a substantial and innovative approach that warrants perusal and consideration.” – Prof. Sigmund C. Shipp Hunter College and Prof. Jeffrey S. Lowe, University of Memphis

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sigmund C. Shipp, Ph.D. and Jeffrey S. Lowe Ph.D.


Chapter 1: Community Development: History and Meaning

Emotive Community

Physical or Material Community

Action Community

Meanings of Community Development

Historical Antecedents

The Interstate Highway System

Demolition for Urban Renewal

The Civil Rights Era

Chapter 2: African American Presence in the Nation’s Development

Conditions of Oppression

African American Development Leadership

Self-Help Initiatives

Chapter 3: Theoretical Perspectives of Community Development

Model of Community Development

Chapter 4: Community Development Practices: Case Studies

Family-Focused Community-Building Case

Faith-Based Organization Case

United Way Case

North Central Regional Center for Rural Development Case

Costa Rica Case

St. John Case

University City Case

First Nations Case

Papua New Guinea Case

Black Southern Rural Case (A)

Black Southern Rural Case (B)

HIV/AIDS Confrontation Case

Black Faith-Based Case

African American Case Summary

Chapter 5: Roles for Community Development Participants

Public Education Problems

Housing Problems

Health Problems

Transportation Problems

Summary of Problems

Citizen Roles

Challenges of Change

Chapter: Implications for African American Communities


Middle Option-Phase I (Mission and Vision)

Middle Option-Phase II (SWOT Analysis)

Middle Option-Phase III (Alternative Action)

Middle Option-Phase IV (Evaluation)

Chapter 7: Conclusion


Community Uncovered

Antecedent for Success

Significance of African Americans




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