Racial Discourse in American Literature: A Collection of Essays

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Racial Discourse in American Literature: A Collection of Essays, "is a departure from mainstream currents in literary analysis and provides alternative perspectives. Using canonical and non-canonical texts, scholars examine how selected literary works have created, sustained, or challenged social fictions about race that have given rise to deeply embedded and continuing social, political and psychological realities. -from the Editor's Introduction

Table of Contents

Unit I. European American Canon
Chapter 1: A Case Study of the Racial Rhetoric in Margaret Fuller's Summer on the Lakes
Chapter 2: Representative Men: Emersonian Dialectics and African American Public Discourse
Chapter 3: Southern Hegemony and Racial Discourse in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
Chapter 4: Death with Dignity in "Pantaloon in Black" and "Go Down Moses" by William Faulkner
Unit II. African American Canon
Chapter 5: Myth and Memory in Twelve Years a Slave, Kindred, Beloved, and The Good Lord Bird
Chapter 6: Analogous Indirect Messages of Opportunity: Claude McKay's Outcry Adjoining Countee Cullen's Inquiry
Chapter 7: Thinking "Outside the Box": Racial Hybridity in Jean Tommer's Cane
Chapter 8: Black Reality Revealed, White Nostalgia Interrupted: The Cautionary Tale of Lorraine Hansberry's The Drinking Gourd
Chapter 9: Ernest Gaines and the Beloved Community
Unit III. Expanding Genres
Chapter 10: Heroes of the Apocalypse: The Black, Brown, and Indigenous Futures of a Dystopian America Shaping of the Literary Canon
Chapter 11: Black Hollywood: 100 Plus Years of Black Men in Film
Chapter 12: Frame of Reference: A Socio-Economic View of the African American in Texas Through the Lens of Photography, Twentieth Century to the Present
Chapter 13: Ravager, Ravishing, and Ravished: The Settler Construction of Indigenous Sexuality in the "Indian Romantic" Novel Genre
Chapter 14: St. Clair Drake: Toward a Sociology of the Black Diaspora
Chapter 15: The Bible: Inspired Word or Inhumane Weapon
Chapter 16: Incidents in the Life of Ridah: An Analysis of Tupac Shakur's Modern-Day Slave Narratives
Chapter 17: The Mammy, Sapphire, and the Venus Hottentot: Black, Fat Women and Exercise Spaces
Appendix: African American Accomplishments and Challenges Timeline

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