Aesthetics of Dislocation in French and Francophone Literature and Art: Strategies of Representation

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This work specifically addresses the productive quality of states of dislocation in Francophone literature, cinema and visual culture. It is the first volume to substantially study dislocation within the French and Francophone cultures.


“If some contributors explore the theoretical implications of dislocation, others concentrate on dislocation as referential content (the dislocation of travel, of migration and exile, of urbanization), and others again on formal dislocation (in cinematic montage, translation practice, and photographic manipulation). This triple articulation of theory, content and form allows dislocation to emerge as a phenomenon that traverses modern French culture from the ground up. The contributions do not simply reflect the upheavals of recent history and contemporary events in terms of the explicit content of the works discussed but also demonstrate how dislocation already inhabits the micro-level of the sentence in modern literature and the shot in cinema, and, on a further level again, marks and disrupts the critical and theoretical discourses developed to account for such specific formal operations.” – Prof. Douglas Smith, University College Dublin

“. . . .each [essay] makes a very appreciable and illuminating contribution to the whole, and there is not one substandard element in the entire volume. Moreover, the editors’ Introduction is very thorough and, taken along with the excellent Foreword, it comprehensively identifies and situates the critical and intellectual value of the whole enterprise.” – Prof. Mary Gallagher, University College Dublin

“The chapters are of a consistently high standard of scholarship: All are illuminating and many are written by eminent and leading scholars in their field. . . . Forays into earlier works (e.g. on Gautier and Proust) demonstrate the ways in which the concept of dislocation can illuminate much-studied canonical authors and texts, while the clustering of essays which analyze very recent work suggests the heightened relevance of the theme in current cultural production across a number of textual and artistic practices.” – Prof. Shirley Jordan, University of London

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr Douglas Smith, University College Dublin
Introduction Daisy Connon, Gillian Jein & Greg Kerr, Trinity College, Dublin
Section One: Spatio-temporal Dislocation
Section Two: Aesthetic Strategies and Expressions of Dislocation
From Chez Soi to Non-Lieu: Dislocated Ethical Subjectivity in Levinas - Alexandra Kohn
Dislocating Travel: New York as Anti-Domus in Beauvoir’s Amérique au jour le jour - Gillian Jein
A Witness on the Edge: Jean Genet and the Shatila Massacres - Edward J. Hughes
Dislocation of the Authorial Voice in Emmanuel Carrère’s L’Adversaire and Eugène Savitzkaya’s Fou trop poli - Daisy Connon
Spatio-Temporal Dislocation: The Dual Narrative Focalization of Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu - Áine Larkin
Dislocation and the Production of Space in Valérie Jouve’s Les Sorties de bureaux -Geraldine McIlwaine
La Folie du lieu - Jean-Xavier Ridon
Contre la menace de dislocation: la chambre proustienne et le jardin aragonien - Denise Buot de l’Épine
De l’originalité à l’authenticité: dislocation et re-localisation du sujet dans l’œuvre de Robert Pinget - Aline Marchand
The Modern Urban in the Journalistic Prose of Théophile Gautier: ‘Crayonnons à la hâte...’ - Greg Kerr
Between Lack and Excess, Present and Past: Art in Marc Augé and Jean Echenoz - Emer O'Beirne
College Montage, Memory and the Spatio-Temporal Dislocation of the Film Subject in the Œuvre of Alain Resnais - Hunter Vaughan and Georgia Perimeter
Dislocation and Literary Translation: Antoine Berman’s ‘critique des traductions’ - Matthias Zach
Dislocations and their Re-placements in Contemporary French Art - Michael Bishop
Dislocation et fusion des identités dans l’autobiographie: une lecture du Livre de ma mère d’Albert Cohen - Roxana Nadim
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