Primitivismo, Racismo y Misoginismo en el Cine Latinoamericano / Primitivism, Racism, and Misogyny in Latin American Cinema

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This study explores the aesthetic, social and political aspects present in Latin American cinema as portrayed in major representative films from the region, and addresses the study of film in Latin America in the context of great historical moments. The issues of race, gender, primitivism, Otherness, slavery, immigration, social change, and their underpinning ideologies, inspire the presentations of these films. In Spanish. This book contains five black and white photographs and five color photographs.


“Hopefully, Dr. Barrueto’s text will encourage faculty at other institutions to use both a multimedia and interdisciplinary approach to second language acquisition so that students can have more experiences using contemporary language in authentic settings.” -Dr. Cynthia Wise Staudt, Chair, Division of Languages and Letters, Walsh University

“The strengths of this book lie in its selection of films that are both classic and contemporary, its intersection of historical context and critical scholarship, and its emphasis on films that address themes of significance for understanding the complexity of Latin American culture. . . . fills a gap in scholarly editions dedicated to Latin American film and will ideally set a new standard of critical engagement for students studying Latin American cinema.” – Dr. Sophia A. McClennen, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Spanish, and Women’s Studies, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

“In each chapter, the author has demonstrated a wide-ranging knowledge of critical theory and a solid understanding of film theory as well.” – Dr. Elizabeth Guerrero, Associate Professor of Spanish, Bucknell University

Table of Contents

1 Orientalismo, hagiografía y Otredad
2 La mujer y el misoginismo institucional
3 Domino colonial, teología y esclavitud
4 Ingenuidad política, memoria y lucha de clases
5 Exclusión, rezagos capitalistas y el hombre Nuevo
6 Darvinismo, surrealismo y pobreza urbana
7 Explotación, migración y desilusión
8 El color de ciudadanía
9 Nihilismo y didacticismo revolucionario
10 Raza, passion y sexualidad en el carnival
11 Patriarcado, cocina y revolución
12 Madurez spiritual y conciencia política

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