Abnormal Psychology: Reconnoitering Anomalies in Human Behavior

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The primary objective of this textbook is to offer an introduction to mental disorders in humans. In this textbook, Dr. Bhowmik will explore most major mental disorders in humans, its symptoms, etiology, and treatment will be analyzed methodically. This text also explores abnormal behavior in humans within historical, social, and cultural contexts and focus on major research issues in each major disorder and efficacy of psychological interventions.


"Abnormal Psychology: Reconnoitering Anomalies in Human Behavior textbook would be a main textbook for most introductory abnormal psychology courses for undergraduate students. The central themes of this book to provide an overview of the historical and cultural context for modern views on psychological disorders and provide an understanding of each major disorder in humans. Students will also be introduced to a scientific approach to the study of mental disorders in humans."

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Acquaint With Abnormality

Chapter 2: Approaches of Abnormality and Research Method

Chapter 3: Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Chapter 4: Personality Disorders

Chapter 5: Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 6: Somatoform and Eating Disorders

Chapter 7: Suicide and Mood Disorders

Chapter 8: Schizophrenia

Chapter 9: PTSD, Panic, Stress, and Dissociative Disorders

Chapter 10: Disorders of Childhood and Later Life

Chapter 11: Sexual Disorders

Chapter 12: Abnormal Psychology and Legal Issues

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