A Study of Labor Conditions in Church Work Places: Is A Religious Job Better Than a Regular Job?

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The object of this study to is to identify key resources and strengths of church work places. These resources are thought to foster and maintain work engagement, a state of optimal work well-being, so that each and every employee is able and willing to use their full potential to get the most out of their work, and contribute to the renewal and success of their congregations.


"Social research is an essential tool for understanding any field of ministry or human service, whether it be within the Church or in some other sphere. Good research enables leaders and managers to make good decisions based on evidence, rather then on unsubstantiated opinions, biases, hunches, assumptions and outdated information. The evidence presented in this book by Dr. Palmu, based on careful analysis of what workers have said about the experience of church work, shows that factors that cause ill-being are not inevitable parts of the workplace that simply have to be endured. Rather, many factors contributing to ill-being can be addressed and rectified." Dr. Bob Dixon,
Pastoral Research Office, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bob Dixon

Preface and Acknowledgements


1. Introduction

2. Defining Well-Being at Work

3. Research Questions and Data

4. Barometer Survey on Working Conditions

5. Dimensions of Working Conditions in the Church

6. Well-Being at Work in the Church

7. Ill-Being at Work in the Church

8. Working Capacity

9. Conclusion

10. Footnotes

11. Bibliography

12. Index

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