History and Types of Mexican Psychology from Indigenous to Postmodern: Listening to Our Ancestors

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This book on the history of Mexican and Mexican American psychology is written for students of the history of psychology. It is intended to fill a void in the extensive literature of history and systems that focuses primarily on the history of European and American psychology. A review of existing textbooks and publications on the topic reveals several trends. Most noticeably, psychology is often and exclusively treated in its modern and European context. Sigmund Freud is one of the “fathers” of psychological thinking in the Western intellectual tradition for his insightful contributions into the inner workings of the human mind.


"Mexican psychology has become a specialized discipline in the last part of the 20th century and developed professional programs in both psychological practice and research. This Mexican agenda is partly indigenous, and some is related to the interaction with other countries and international programs (e.g., training of Mexican psychologists abroad) resulting in the adoption of external theoretical and research paradigms. Some of the main paradigms and “schools” of Euro-American psychologies (psychoanalysis, experimental psychology, behaviorism, humanism) have also taken a hold in Mexican psychology."
From the Preface

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Mexican Indigenous Psychology: From the Ancient to the Future Brian W. McNeill, Fernando A. Ortiz, Leticia Arrellano-Morales

Chapter 2 - Psychology in Colonial Mexico Mauricio Beuchot

Chapter 3 - The Birth of Modern Psychology in Mexico Fernando A. Ortiz

Chapter 4 - Analysis of the Development of Psychology in Mexico Until 1990 Edgar Galindo

Chapter 5 - History and Development of Psychoanalysis in Mexico Raúl Páramo-Ortega

Chapter 6 - Experimental Psychology in Mexico Rogelio Escobar

Chapter 7 - Behaviorism in Mexico Emilio Ribes-Iñesta

Chapter 8 - History of Humanistic Psychology in Mexico Fernando Ortiz, Lachica and Salvador Moreno-Lopez

Chapter 9 - History and Development of Social Psychology in Mexico Martha de Alba González, Elizabeth Garcia Hernández, J. Octavio Nateras Dominguez

Chapter 10 - Mexican and International Psychology Fernando A. Ortiz

Chapter 11 - Chicanx Psychology Brian W. McNeill, Leticia Arellano-Morales

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