A Reconstruction of the Complete English Language Text of Roderick D. Mckenzie’s Our Evolving World Economy (1926)

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This book makes available a neglected piece of scholarship, which, in retrospect, seems prescient in light of our contemporary problems It integrates economy, sociology, and ecology to demonstrate how ecological change effects world society.


“[The author] incorporates individuals into the philosophic structure of human ecology. This concept and his insistence on its merit thus incorporates mind as part of the structure of society. And, as the philosopher Elijah Jordan argues in his several works roughly contemporary with McKenzie, this enables intelligence to be a constituent element of the social order and the order thereby becomes dynamic.”-Prof. Emer. David R. Wrone, University of Wisconsin

“…by considering objects as central to an understanding of society and human relations, [the author] was better able to perceive how significantly modern society had changed and grown more interdependent. In this respect, Roderick D. McKenzie: Our evolving World Economy deserves to be widely read and studied.” -Prof. Gerald Ginocchio, Wofford College

“Although recent authors have resurrected some of the classical sociologists because of their importance for recent debates on the environment, there probably has never been an author among the classics who dealt in detail with both fields, that is, with the rise of globalization as part of a conceptualization of the ecological foundations of the modern world. This alone would make the publication of this book highly valuable.”-Prof. Matthias Gross, University of Halle-Wittenberg

Table of Contents

Foreword by David R. Wrone



1. Life and Career of Roderick D. McKenzie
2. McKenzie’s Human Ecology
3. Regionalism and the Organic Cohesiveness of the Modern World
4. Our Evolving World Economy: McKenzie’s Globalization Theory
Notes on the Current Edition


Bibliography of Roderick D. McKenzie


Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Power
Chapter III: Dominance
Chapter IV: Interdependence
Chapter V: Standardization
Chapter VI: Equilibrium
Chapter VII: Routes And Rims
Chapter VIII: The Evolution of Cities
Chapter IX: British Malaya: An Economic Frontier
Chapter X: The Pacific: A Rising Commonwealth

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