Econometric and Forecasting Models

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This book is an interdisciplinary compilation of articles written by various professors and practitioners working in the general area of economics, forecasting and allied fields. A diverse range of interesting articles, such as, tourism, outsourcing, unemployment, inflation, housing prices, infectious disease control, provide the reader a unique perspective about the existing research on that topic, using quantitative methods.


“This book should be of interest not only to researchers in the area of Economics, but to the general public as well…as economic issues affect everyone’s life.”
-Prof. Jesa H. Kreiner,
California State University

“The authors have selected models that are very powerful in forecasting…fitting an empirical model to a particular data set they judge the model’s ability to forecast the future…a timely book in the aftermath of our global recession.”
-Prof. Sajjadur Rahman,
Texas A&M University

“The authors have covered a wide area of interest from a diversified area of economic forecasting models…a very informative, important and applicable book for the current economic situation…”
-Prof. Binod Tiwari,
California State University

Table of Contents

Preface by Jesa H Kreiner
Forecasting Inflation Using a Vector Auto
Regression Model:
Rokon Bhuiyan, AHM Saidul Hasan
Productivity Growth and Economic Reform:
Evidence From Rwanda:
Kalamogo Coulibaly, Deal Duffy
Hotel Sector Economic Forecast Accuracy in El Paso:
Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr., Adam G. Walke
Economic Control of Carrier Dependent Infectious Diseases: A Mathematical Mode:
A.K. Misra, S.N. Misra, S.B. Joshi, A.I. Pathak
The Le Chatelier Principle in Invex Programming:
S.K. Mishra, R. Hazari
Predicting the Unemployment Rate in the United States Since 2001:
Chandrasekhar Putcha, Brian W. Sloboda
Stalled Economy: Unemployment and Uncertainty:
Siddharth Rana
Predicting Residential Housing Prices in California Cities:
Abhishek Tiwari
Outsourcing Effects on US Manufacturing Sector:
A Panel Estimation Approach:
Evelyn Wamboye, Yaya Sissoko
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