A Cross-Disciplinary Essay on Don Quixote

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This collection of essays is the product of a conference celebrating 400 years of Don Quixote readership, criticism and cultural productions which explores the enduring appeal of this literary masterpiece. The essays, articles and artistic representations included in this volume speak to the multi-disciplinary modern experience of reading and understanding Don Quixote in the twenty-first century. This book contains 12 color photos and 9 black and white photos.


“By approaching the reading of Don Quixote from a diversity of perspectives, the book manages to give the reader a sense of the interpretive richness held in Cervantes’ work. The multifaceted readings collected in this book, while aware of past scholarship on the subject, open up a dialogue that shows the continuous and equally fruitful readings and misreadings of the novel into the twenty-first century.” - Professor Ramon Figuera, Department of Modern Languages, Millsaps College

“The multi-disciplinary approach of this collection makes it a valuable contribution to the studies of Don Quixote. The reader will find a wide array of information ranging from Cervantes’ role in the genealogy of ideas, his ascendancy in German romanticism and literary theories, to how the image of Don Quixote has influenced the mise-en-scène of Wasserman’s musical, The Man of La Mancha.” - Dr. Angel Sánchez, Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures, Arizona State University

"To say the result is lively is an understatement." - SciTech Book News

Table of Contents

Preface by John Jay Allen
1 Tilting at Quixote - Scott Robert Olson
2 The German Romantic Tradition: (Mis)Reading Don Quixote - Evelyn Meyer
3 Francis Bacon, author of Don Quixote - Michael Johnson
4 Aspectos de un insciente mercantil en el Quijote. La ideología de la apariencia y la realidad - Francisco J. Sánchez
5 “Don Quixote: Artistic Viewpoints” Exhibition at the 410 Project Gallery in Makato, September 30 - October 18, 2005 - Curt Germundson
6 Man of La Mancha: A Creative Collaboration - Nina LeNoir, Tom Bliese, Paul Finocchiaro, George Grubb, David McCarl, Steven Smith, and Nick Wayne
7 An Essay on Interpreting the Role of Don Quixote - Kimm Julian
8 Concert Music Interpreted by Cervantes’ Don Quixote - Harry Dunscombe
9 Shifting the Erasmian Paradigm in the Cave of Monesinos Episode in Don Quixote - Judith Stallings-Ward
10 Moros y moriscos en Don Quijote de la Mancha - Sarah Miller
11 Using Don Quixote as a Guide to the Understanding of Fundamentalist Terrorism or Understanding Osama bin Laden through a Reading of Don Quixote - Joanna Courteau
12 Marcela: Cervantes’ Object of Affection - Silvia M. Roca-Martinez
13 Panel Discussion: Women in the Quixote: Windows into Culture - Dodie Miller, Luke Rolfes, Alison Whitney, Jeris Foster, Jessica Oelke, Ashley Flitter, Alexandros Goudas, Michael MacBride
14 Disillusioning Dulcinea: Vagras Llosa’s Death in the Andes - William Dyer
15 The Value of Cross-Disciplinary Conferences to the Undergraduate Student: How I Came to the Conviction that Cervantes Was Probably Serious About Breaking the Influence of Chivalric Romances - Jonathan Olson
16 Final Thoughts on the Pertinence of Unraveling Myths

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