Bao, Yuheng

Yuheng Bao is Senior Professor of Art at Sichuan Mainyang Academy of Arts and Dean of the Research Academy of Chinese Intagible Cultural Heritage. He graduated from China’s Research Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, with an MA in Film Art and Art History, and from Ohio University with a Ph.D. of Comparative Arts. He has written and published eight books and more than ninety articles on fine arts, comparative arts and cultures, art history, film and theater, art education, TV and mass communication.

2009 0-7734-4897-7
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 52 photo illustrations

This work is an interdisciplinary study that examines not only the relationship between types of art forms, but also the relationship between visual arts and other humanities. This three-dimensional approach incorporates the historical and cultural background and the philosophic and aesthetic ideas with the development of artistic styles. This book contains fifty-two color photographs.

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Ancient and Classic Art of China
2004 0-7734-6573-1
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 40 photo illustrations

This study discusses ancient and classic Chinese art in interdisciplinary perspective, from the pre-historical age to the end of the Tang dynasty, including historical, cultural, philosophical, and political facts and how they impacted development. Also includes biographies of the artists, critics and scholars. It is richly illustrated with 40 full-color plates, in 8½ x 11 format, the majority of these plates introduced for the first time to Western readers.

Price: $199.95

2006 0-7734-6116-7
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 50 photo illustrations

The authors have collaborated to produce a valuable resource guide that lists the most significant Chinese artists to emerge during the period of time from the 1890 to 1949. It examines these Chinese artists both in relation to the historical period in which they worked as well as in relation to the specific genre they were working in. At the end of the book, there is a listing of the most important Chinese modern painters, along with a concise biography of each, followed by a discussion of the various centers of Chinese modern painting. The bibliography has been broken down into works in English and works in Chinese.

Price: $219.95

2005 0-7734-6316-X
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 50 photo illustrations

This interdisciplinary study on the development of Buddhist art and architecture in China from the early period till the Qing Dynasty is in a 8½ x 11 format with 50 photo illustrations, the majority of which have never been shown or introduced to the Western world. This outstanding work will be an invaluable resource book particularly for those in the fields of Art History, Architecture and Asian Studies.

Price: $219.95

Concept of the Relationship Between Painting and Poetry
1999 0-7734-8043-9
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format

This is an interdisciplinary study of art history and theory, developing a new concept of East-West art study. It examines the concept of relationship between painting poetry as seen in analysis of selected writings and art works of Leonardo da Vinci and Su Dong-po (Su Shi) of the Song Dynasty of China.

Price: $179.95

Renaissance in China
2007 0-7734-5881-6
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 50 photo illustrations

After the death of the Emperor of the Hou Zhou dynasty in 959 A.D., the Song Dynasty emerged with General Zhao Kuang-yin as emperor. This book explores the intellectual, artistic and technical innovations during that time in which painting, literature, and philosophy reached new heights. Chapters deal with the Song landscape painting, religious, flower-and-bird, and figure painting; calligraphy; architecture; sculpture; religious art; ceramics and crafts. There is a prodigious number of biographical sketches on artists, and a section on art literature and critics. Over fifty illustrations are included.

Price: $219.95

2011 0-7734-3927-7
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 40 photo illustrations

The art of Chinese paintings developed rapidly during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties from 1271-1911. This book offers a survey of the development of Chinese painting during these three dynasties. The book is an interdisciplinary historical aesthetic study of Chinese painting and art. It examines how social, political, philosophic, and religious factors impacted Chinese painting. The authors have collaborated to produce a valuable resource guide that lists the most significant Chinese painters to emerge during a span of 600 years. There are over 40 illustrations throughout the text of this book.

Price: $199.95