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OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 50 photo illustrations

The authors have collaborated to produce a valuable resource guide that lists the most significant Chinese artists to emerge during the period of time from the 1890 to 1949. It examines these Chinese artists both in relation to the historical period in which they worked as well as in relation to the specific genre they were working in. At the end of the book, there is a listing of the most important Chinese modern painters, along with a concise biography of each, followed by a discussion of the various centers of Chinese modern painting. The bibliography has been broken down into works in English and works in Chinese.


“… every artist in this volume is given a biographical sketch and there are a number of reproductions of paintings to illustrate the varying styles from abstract, impressionism, realism to traditional Chinese ink and watercolor painting, along with woodcut and commercial art. This book could not have come into being without Dr. Bao’s many return trips to China, his extended stays and exhaustive research. We hope our efforts will increase interest in China and Chinese art and stimulate a deeper interest in evaluating works of art, and learning from them more about the artist and his particular society.” – (from the Preface) Dr. Letitia Lane, retired Professor of English and Art

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Introduction: The Historical and Intellectual Necessities of Modern Painting in Early Twentieth-Century China
Part One: Guo Hua: The Chinese National Style Painting
1. Wu Changshuo and the Shanghai School
2. Qi Baishi: A Humanistic Artist
3. From Old Towards New: The Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting
4. The Lingnan School of Painting
5. The Spring Wind from the West
6. Three Independent Masters: Pan Tianshou, Zhang Daqian and Fu Baoshi
7. New Wave and New Generation in the 1930s–1940s
Part Two: Xi Hua: The Western Style Paintings
8. The Western Style Art in Modern China: Drawing and Oil Painting
9. The Western Style Woodcut and Printing
10. Cartoon and other Commercial Arts Notes
Selected Biography of Chinese Modern Painters
Centers of Chinese Modern Painting
Selected Bibliography

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