Haney, William S. II

About the editors: Dr. Haney received his PhD in English from the University of California – Davis. He is currently professor of 19th-20th Century American and British Literature, Critical Theory and Cultural Studies at Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey. Dr. Pagan received his PhD in English from The University of Florida, Gainesville. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature and Humanities, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey

Changing Face of Literary and Cultural Studies in English in a Transnational Environment
1999 0-7734-8047-1
These essays discuss not only British literature but other literatures in English and texts in other media including film, and the changing face of not just one nation's cultural studies but cultural studies in a transnational environment. These essays epitomize a complex proliferation of approaches to the ever-changing domain of literary and cultural studies.

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Literary Theory and Sanskrit Poetics Language, Consciousness, and Meaning
1993 0-7734-9379-4
Unlike the Western mode, Sanskrit poetics provides an understanding of language and consciousness based not on difference but on the coexistence of opposites. This study argues that the knowledge of meaning and expanded consciousness provided by Sanskrit poetics supplements deconstruction and poststructuralism. In contributing to the growing multicultural emphasis in scholarship, this book develops a comparative poetics between the European and Sanskrit literary traditions.

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