Dykeman, Therese Boos

Therese Boos Dykeman is an Independent Scholar and Adjunct Professor at the Union Institute and University of Cincinnati, Ohio. She obtained her Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the same academic institution.

American Women Philosophers, 1650-1930: Six Exemplary Thinkers
1993 0-7734-9266-6
This text introduces six American women (Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, Mary Whiton Calkins, Judith Sargent Murray, Frances Wright, and Ednah Dow Cheney), and discusses their works as philosophy. This anthology presents a number of works never reprinted and difficult to locate. The works are of interdisciplinary interest: philosophy, feminist philosophy, women's studies, political science, and history.

Price: $259.95

CONTRIBUTIONS BY WOMEN TO EARLY AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, and Judith Sargent Murray
2009 0-7734-4685-0
This text argues for a more comprehensive history of early American philosophy than has previously been available by focusing on three seventeenth and eighteenth century American women philosophers—Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, and Judith Sargent Murray —and comparing their philosophical views with those of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Price: $219.95

Contributions by Women to Nineteenth Century American Philosophy
2012 0-7734-2554-3
A revisionist monograph places women philosophers inside the mainstream of American philosophy in the 19th century.

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