Bhatnagar, R.S.

Professor Rajendra Sarup Bhatnagar studied in Allahabad and earned his D.Phil, and D.Litt. in Philosophy. He was a faculty member in the department of Philosophy at Allahabad University, for well over four decades. He taught different branches of Philosophy like Islamic Philosophy, Sufism, Greek and Medieval Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion. He participated and presided in a number of Seminars and Conferences of Philosophy. His latest work is Mysticism in Urdu Poetry(1995). He retired as a Professor of Philosophy in 1999 from the University of Allahabad, India.

Mystical Vision and Thought in Medieval Sufism
2005 0-7734-6227-9
Philosophical assessment of abstract and symbolic notions underlying the spiritual visions of the saints is not an easy task. Professor Bhatnagar has admirably done this work. In ten chapters of this treatise he clarifies the mystical experiences and sayings of medieval Muslim saints and examines them from philosophical standpoint. This monograph has its groundings in intensive study of the primary sources in the original like Kashf al-Mah?j?b of Al-Hujw?r?, Ris?la of Al-Qushayr?, Kit?b al-luma’ of Al-Sarr?j, Kit?b al-ta’ arruf of Kal?b?dh? and Tadhikirat al-awliy?’ of ‘At?t??r. Quotations of the saints have been given in original language.

Professor Bhatnagar feels that the teachings of the prophet of Islam are best understood by the S??f?s on account of their mystical experiences gained on the Path of God. According to the author, the chief tenets of medieval Sufism are mah?abbat (love for God), ma’rifa (knowledge of God) and al-tawh??d (soul’s unification with God). Besides, this work is an impartial assessment of divergent tar?q (S??f? sects) and schools of S??f? thought. In addition, the author has examined the philosophical doctrines of the eminent S??f?s of India.

This substantial treatise on theory and practice of medieval S??fism written by an Indian scholar of Philosophy and Islamic mysticism is an excellent addition to the existing knowledge of S?fi thought.

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Varieties of Mystical Experience of Urdu Poets (13th to 20th Century A.d.)
2008 0-7734-5115-3
This work is the first sustained attempt of its kind to draw attention to the mystical side of Urdu poetry. The author goes on to show how the pantheistic form of mysticism appeared in Urdu poetry and how certain poets endeavored to reconcile mysticism with orthodox Islam. This book will appeal to scholars of mystical philosophy and Urdu literature.

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