Reeves-Ellington, Richard

Richard Reeves-Ellington, professor Emeritus at Binghamton University, spent 19 years in Europe, Asia, and South America, working in the pharmaceutical industry and teaching at the American University in Bulgaria and Sofia University. He has served on the Fulbright Selection Committee, The Muskie Fellowship Selection Committee, and Fulbright Senior Scholars Program. His research interests cover cross-cultural aspects organizations and their multicultural environments.

Business, Commerce, and Social Responsibility Beyond Agenda
1997 0-7734-8442-6
This volume provides an integrated anthropological perspective for business organizations in the areas of social responsibility, leadership alternatives, collaborative action research. It is directed primarily to professionals, scholars, and students concerned about doing business responsibly within globalizing but culturally fragmented contexts. It brings anthropological insights to the cultural and moral aspects of business, with the ultimate aim of enabling people to work more effectively toward a reintegration of business and society.

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What is Culture? Generating and Applying Cultural Knowledge
2010 0-7734-1320-0
This book presents a new theory of culture that attempts to present a unified taxonomy and lexicon of definitions of culture by various social scientists for use in the inter-disciplinary investigation of organizational culture. Both both qualitative and quantitative data is presented and analysed.

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