Pritchard, R. John

R. John Pritchard received his M.A. and Ph.D. in International History at the London School of Economics (University of London). He has written and contributed to more than twenty published volumes on contemporary history and international law.

Tokyo Major War Crimes Trial the Complete Transcripts of the Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
0 0-7734-8468-X
Within the emerging field of international law, this complete new edition of the complete transcripts of the Tokyo War Crimes Trial will be a necessity for all serious law libraries. Although an edition was published by Garland back in the 1980s, this new edition contains greatly expanded supporting materials, essays, corrected errata, and indexes. The original facsimile version was printed in four-up style, and the new Mellen edition is one-up, for easier reading and usage. The edition consists of 124 volumes (114 volumes of transcripts, 10 guide volumes), each approximately 500 pages. These will be indispensable volumes for studies in international criminal law, precedent, social psychology, modern military history, governmental relations, and other important fields. Although the inquiries focused on Japanese internal affairs and external relations from the period 1927-1945, there is also considerable information relating to earlier and later years. It is the largest collection of material in English on Japan and its relations with the outside world during this period.

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