Munir, Muhammad

Dr. Muhammad Munir is Vice President of Administration, Finance, and Planning at the International Islamic University, Islamabad and Jurist-Consult for the Federal Shariat Court in Pakistan. Dr. Munir received his Ph.D. from the University of Karachi.

The Law of War and Peace in Islam: Causes and Conduct of Jihad and Non-State Islamic Actors under Islamic Law
2018 1-4955-0649-5
The concept of jihad has been the subject of vigorous academic writings since 9/11. Literature on jihad in most cases suggests that the phenomenon has been misunderstood and distorted. The self-declared jihadi organizations, or non-State Islamic actors, have abused the doctrine of jihad. Consequently, a common man's perception of Islam is to judge it to a large extent through his view of actions of the non-State Islamic actors such as al-Qa'ida, Daish, Boko Haram, or local jihadists organizations such as the Taliban rather than by the principles of Islamic law.

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