Elashiry, Mohammed R.

Mohammed Elashiry is a lecturer in Arabic language and culture at Birmingham University. He specialises in phonetics and his areas of interest include Arabic linguistics, Muslim religious discourse and language in the media. He has also worked for Westminster University in London, Ain Shams University in Egypt and as a senior producer in the BBC Arabic Service. Previous works include ‘Qur’anic Arabic: a short introduction’ and ‘Kitab al-Zina by Abu Hatim al-Razi: a study in Ismaili linguistic thought’.

Sounds of Qur’anic Recitation in Egypt: A Phonetic Analysis
2008 0-7734-4836-5
This work reports the results of an instrumental investigation into some phonetic aspects of Qur’anic recitation as performed in Egypt today. Particular attention is given to comparisons between styles, voice registers and trained and untrained performers. Seven reciters, four non-professional and three professional, served as subjects.

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