Sounds of Qur’anic Recitation in Egypt: A Phonetic Analysis

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This work reports the results of an instrumental investigation into some phonetic aspects of Qur’anic recitation as performed in Egypt today. Particular attention is given to comparisons between styles, voice registers and trained and untrained performers. Seven reciters, four non-professional and three professional, served as subjects.


“. . . recommended to any Arabist or general linguist with a desire to find out more about this fascinating and, in the West, comparatively little studied field and particularly in the application of modern instrumental techniques to this ancient field of endeavour.” – Prof. Bruce Ingham, University of London

“A fascinating, informative, and culturally enriching book. . . . Though essentially a technical study of specific aspects of vowel duration in Qur'anic recitation by Egyptians, in reality the book offers a great deal more - including to those who only have a basic background in phonetics.” – Prof. Lucy Collard, University of Westminster

“Very few scholars have moved beyond theory to look at the practice of both professional and non-professional recitation and to combine it with a close phonetic analysis in the way that Dr. Elashiry does in this volume.” – Prof. Jorgen Nielson, University of Copenhagen

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Foreword by Bruce Ingham
1. Introduction
2. Historical Background
3. The Tajw?d Treatises
4. Styles of Recitation
5. Subjects and their Training
6. Material and Procedures
7. Voice Registers in Mujawwad Style
8. Vowel Prolongation
9. Summary and Conclusion

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