Chary, M. Srinivas

About the author: M. Srinivas Chary teaches at the New School University in New York City. He has lectured extensively on the religions of India, studying the source material in their original languages. He is the author of books including The Eagle and The Peacock, and contributed chapters to various books and numerous articles to scholarly journals. He previously held faculty positions as Visiting Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, Columbia University, and also taught as Professor and Head of the Department of History at various colleges in India. He has been the recipient of many grants and awards.

Explaining Why Compassion is the Highest Value of Buddhism: An Analysis of an Ideal Religious Type
2018 1-4955-0630-4
In this work Dr. Chary looks to the ways in which Buddhism has already affected the lives of many in the United States and elsewhere in the West, and what Buddhism now promises for many more people in the years to come. This book should be helpful to readers from a wide range of religions.

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Hindu Temple Traditions of Draksharama
2003 0-7734-6765-3
This book is a study of the Draksharama temple in South India, commonly known as the Draksharama Bhimesvara temple. It is a temple dedicated to the worship of Shiva. Draksharam formed the spiritual metropolis of Andhra Desa in ancient and medieval times and is celebrated in epigraphy, literature and legends as the most famous of the five pilgrimage centers of Andhra Desa. The study examines the origins of the temple, the mythology surrounding it, and the role it played in influencing the religious, social, economic and cultural life of the people in the region. It examines the meaning and purpose of the temple, and the roles played by philosophy, theology, mythology, art, and the social organization in the temple, the joint-product of royal patrons, skilled architects, and the learned Brahmin priests and scholars of Vedic learning. The findings are based on published and unpublished manuscript sources including mahatmyas (praise literature), inscriptions, interviews, and numerous secondary sources. With color illustrations.

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