Egloff, Karin M.

Dr. Karin Egloff received her Ph.D. in French Literature from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is currently Associate Professor of French at Western Kentucky University. She has published on French and French-Canadian literature, contemporary French poetry, cinema and Women’s Studies.

Le Theme du Regard dans L'oeuvre d' André Langevin. Écrivain Québécois La Flèche Dans L'oeil de Narcisse
1995 0-7734-2916-6
Critical writings about André Langevin have been quite rare over the past fifteen years. This volume focuses particularly on the helplessness of the character in his quest for identity. It shows how Langevin's works are symptomatic of what happened in Québec in the 1950's and 1960's, translating the craving for identity/identification the whole country suffered from into personal terms. In French.

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Les Adolescents Dans Le CinÉma FranÇais
2007 0-7734-5436-5
This book analyzes the representation of adolescents in contemporary French cinema. Moving beyond the stereotypical filmic versions of young people, this study examines modern male and female adolescence on film, while also giving attention to the themes of sex and romance, race and class, power and empowerment, education, and generation gaps. These themes are explored by looking at ten films, each by a different Francophone filmmaker, to see how they construct and portray adolescence and how commonly accepted ideas about this age group are enforced or challenged, questioning, in the end, whether these directors have succeeded in offering their audiences a healthier alternative to an all too easy homogenization of adolescence. In French.

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