Les Adolescents Dans Le CinÉma FranÇais

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This book analyzes the representation of adolescents in contemporary French cinema. Moving beyond the stereotypical filmic versions of young people, this study examines modern male and female adolescence on film, while also giving attention to the themes of sex and romance, race and class, power and empowerment, education, and generation gaps. These themes are explored by looking at ten films, each by a different Francophone filmmaker, to see how they construct and portray adolescence and how commonly accepted ideas about this age group are enforced or challenged, questioning, in the end, whether these directors have succeeded in offering their audiences a healthier alternative to an all too easy homogenization of adolescence. In French.


“ ... this book shows how the filmic image is indeed a quasi-ideal support for the study of stereotypes people sometimes hastily attach to the adolescent phenomenon. Dr. Egloff explains that the filmmaker, eager to look for a cure, or to revere the disease itself, makes puppets out of adolescents and sometimes leaves them broken, thus affirming the psychological position of the spectator who will, in turn, vacillate between conviction and incredulity.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Dominque Thévenin, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

“Drawing from a fascinating corpus of ten recent movies . . . Dr. Egloff denounces the stereotypes too often exploited by the cinematic media when representing adolescence.” – Professor Véronique Maisier, Southern Illinois University

“Along with a shrewd analysis of the presentation of adolescence in contemporary French cinema, Dr. Egloff builds, in this remarkably well-written study, a systematic grammar of gender construction and gender distinction ... this book gives visibility to an inherently invisible entity (the adolescent suffering or researching that invisibility) but shows us, perversely one could say, how hidden the adolescent’s reality remains behind that of the cinematographer.” – Professor Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Stetson University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dominique Thévenin
Chapitre 1 Les contextes de la cinécriture adolescente: points de repère, points de rupture
Chapitre 2 L’adolescence: un monde parodique entre réalité(s) et ordre(s) symbolique(s)
Chapitre 3 Les vérités du ciné-miston: la miso-ado ou le regard des adultes
Chapitre 4 Révolte et initiation: l’apprentissage ou le droit de regard des adolescents
Chapitre 5 La mort à l’enfance: la dichotomie lieu adolescent - espace adulte
Chapitre 6 Le rêve (inter)rompu: la faille des sentiments et la raison du plus fort

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