Popp, Jerome A.

Jerome A. Popp received a Ph.D. from Indiana University with a major in philosophy of education and a minor in philosophy of science. He is Professor Emeritus, at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, where he taught philosophy of education, educational psychology and research methods in the School of Education. He is a past president of the Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society, and the Midwestern Philosophy of Education Society. The academic journal Contemporary Pragmatism, lists him as one of the leading scholars of pragmatism. His undergraduate educational psychology courses were rated “most helpful in the program” for many years by graduates of the program. His work is centered in John Dewey and recently on philosophy of society. Some of his papers are available as free downloads at Academia.edu.

How Sociopaths Destroy Good Teachers: The Invisible Threat to Education
2015 1-4955-0417-4
This book is an important piece of work to challenge the culture of bullying in schools and universities. It analyzes the presence of sociopathic individuals, their desire to bring psychological harm to others and an effective early warning system to alert those who will encounter this kind of destructive personality in the work place.

Price: $179.95

How to Spot the Sociopaths on Your Faculty: A Guidebook for School Administrators
2015 1-4955-0379-8
This book examines bullying in academia. It focuses on the abuse of teachers above and beyond the normal interpersonal conflicts that occur in the workplace. It exposes those workplace individuals who operate with serious personality disorders and who orchestrate deliberate and pointed attacks against other teaching professionals targeting their victim for academic removal.

Price: $39.95

paper: Sociopathy: The Explanation of Teacher Abuse
2016 1-4955-0313-5
All members of the teaching profession should be cognizant of the phenomenon of teachers with antisocial personality disorders who attempt to remove good teachers from the school or unit they wish to dominate. The author examines their activities and notes that they are for the most part invisible to teachers and administrators. Targeted teachers are reluctant to talk about their stress. It will be helpful if those teachers who have experienced sociopathic abuse, or teachers who have observed other teachers being attacked, would report their experiences or observations.

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Sociopaths on the Faculty: How to Understand the People Who are Bullying You
2015 1-63313-000-2
This work presents a remarkable explanation of the phenomenon of ‘mobbing’ or ‘bullying’ in the workplace. The study presented is a consolidation of ideas that arose in discussions with professionals who reported having been bullied or attacked by sociopathic colleagues in the academic workplace.

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