Wilde, Jane

Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to FrÖken Lotten Von KrÆmer, 1857-1885
2009 0-7734-4891-8
This is the first volume of Lady Jane Wilde’s letters to be published. Its contents should help to dispel some of the malicious rumors about the Wildes repeated in most biographies.

Price: $119.95

Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to Mr. John Hilson, 1847-1876: A Critical Edition
2010 0-7734-3763-0
This work presents the letters of Lady Jane Wilde whose affinity for letter-writing, over a period of thirty years, is captured in her correspondence with a Scot, Mr. John Hilson, whom she only met once during a visit to the Borders. This book contains five color photographs.

Price: $119.95

Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to Oscar Wilde, 1875-1895
2011 0-7734-2543-8
This book is an edited collection of the correspondence between Lady Jane Wilde with her son, the famous Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde. The letters accumulated in this edition surround three areas upon which their relationship was founded – a mother’s love for her child, pride in Wilde’s status as a writer, and his ability to provide her with a financial safety net. Significantly, Tipper’s translation of Lady Jane’s nearly indecipherable script and the historical context in which she places Lady Jane’s letters give the reader an added depth of knowledge into the life of Lady Jane and Oscar Wilde. While the book ends before Wilde’s disgrace, the letters correct a great deal of misinformation and generalizations about Wilde by his detractors.

Price: $179.95