Ranson, Edward

Edward Ranson received his Ph.D. from Manchester University. He taught at the University of Aberdeen for over four decades.

American Mid-Term Elections of 1922
2007 0-7734-5304-0
This study offers an original account and analysis of the political fortunes of the Harding Administration at its mid-point, and of the public verdict upon the perceived record of the so-called “Do Nothing” Sixty-seventh Congress. This work reveals much about the political culture of the early 1920s, and the extent to which it reflected the many economic, social and cultural changes of the decade. It fills a surprising gap in the political history of the 1920s and paves the way for a proper understanding of the 1924 presidential election in which so many of the issues and personalities resurfaced.

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American Presidential Election of 1924: A Political Study of Calvin Coolidge
2008 0-7734-4838-1
A reassessment of the political style and acumen of Calvin Coolidge during the 1924 presidential campaign, this study analyzes the presidential election campaign following the national conventions and discusses organisational and financial difficulties, and the popularity and impact of opinion polls and of radio.

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THE ROLE OF RADIO IN THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1924: How a New Communications Technology Shapes the Political Process
2010 0-7734-3702-9
This study investigates how. for the first time the new medium of radio impacted upon a presidential campaign. Prior to 1924 candidates were known to the public by their photographs and by the printed versions of their major speeches published in the press. Beginning in 1924, however, party standard-bearers were recognized by their voices.

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