Merem, Edmund C.

Dr. Edmund Merem completed his B.A. and M.E.S. at York University, Toronto and then his M.A. at Pontifical Lateran University. Vatican City. He graduated with a Ph.D. from Jackson State University, Mississippi. Dr. Merem has 10 years of experience in Global environmental planning and environmental accounting for oil and gas in Canada and the US, and hydro-politics of the Middle East and Africa. He worked as Environmental Analyst in the Environment Bureau of Agriculture and Agric-Food Canada. He is very fluent in Italian and a number of European and African languages. Dr. Merem is Assistant Professor of Environment and Land Use in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Jackson State University.

Environmental Accounting for Changes in Farm Land Use: A Canadian Case Study
2005 0-7734-6139-6
This study examines the changing area of agricultural land through regional environmental accounting in the Ottawa South Central Region of Eastern Ontario Canada from 1981 to 1996. In the field of environmental accounting, increasing attention has been paid to the national approach, with less research at the regional level. A national approach may show a country to have a large quantity of natural resources, including agricultural land areas, at a given period of time, yet not explore the nature and extent of change in the same resources in small areas at the regional level. This study proposes a regional model based upon census data analysis to illustrate the process and level of change in agricultural land area, and the model is then applied at Six Census SubDivisions in the Ottawa region. The study found that over the 15-year period there were significant changes in the area of agricultural land, in the form of a decline in the entire study area as a result of socio-economic factors, and that this in turn enhances regional expertise for researchers, planners and resource managers in the design of strategies and monitoring tools for gauging the temporal-spatial evolution of natural resources, including areas of farmland.

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Environmental Accounting for Oil and Natural Gas. A North American Case Study of Canada and the Southeast United States
2010 0-7734-1379-0
This book uses national accounting approach anchored in multivariate analysis and descriptive statistics connected to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to analyse oil and gas depletion and environmental damage costs and the factors responsible for the change from 1961 to 2000. This book contains two color photographs.

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