Drooz, Daniel B.

About the author: Dr. Daniel B. Drooz received his PhD in History from The Union Institute. He now teaches history at Wilmington College, Delaware, after a twenty-year award-winning career as an investigative reporter.

American Prisoners of War in German Death, Concentration, and Slave Labor Camps
2003 0-7734-6657-6
Using 16 personal interviews, government documents from Germany and the US, the author explores the experience of American POWs who were held in German concentration, death and slave labor camps. The work provides detailed accounts that document the presence of American POWs in these camps, and explores the reasons why the US government systematically suppressed information about them. It affirms that German policy was to kill as many prisoners as possible from all the allied nations, and systematically legalized its actions. It shows that the murder of POWs in death and concentration camps was not a matter of isolated incidents or random acts, but a planned policy. Other allied nations accepted the reports of their returning troops, but the US government denied the facts and covered them up.

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