American Prisoners of War in German Death, Concentration, and Slave Labor Camps

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Using 16 personal interviews, government documents from Germany and the US, the author explores the experience of American POWs who were held in German concentration, death and slave labor camps. The work provides detailed accounts that document the presence of American POWs in these camps, and explores the reasons why the US government systematically suppressed information about them. It affirms that German policy was to kill as many prisoners as possible from all the allied nations, and systematically legalized its actions. It shows that the murder of POWs in death and concentration camps was not a matter of isolated incidents or random acts, but a planned policy. Other allied nations accepted the reports of their returning troops, but the US government denied the facts and covered them up.


"A grimly factual history, [this book] is a seminal and core contribution to World War II Military History collections and supplemental reading lists. Enhanced with extensive appendices of original and primary materials, as well as a glossary, a selected bibliography for further study, and an extensive index, American [this book] proceeds to provide an academically vigorous compilation of direct interviews, followed by chapters focusing on the German record with respect to treaty and law regarding paws; German security services; German POW laws and regulations; the German Commissar Order; and much, much more. No military academy or academic library World War II Military History collection can be considered either complete or comprehensive without the inclusion of [this book]." - The Bookwatch

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Glossary; Introduction; Preface
1. Truth Reported Ignored and Lost
2. German Policy
3. Interviews
4. German Record in Treaty/Law
5. German Security Services
6. German POW Laws
7. German Commissar Order
8. The Commando Order
9. Enforcing Policy POW in Germany – DIKAL and Nacht und Nebel
10. Kugel Order
11. Air Terrorist Lynch Justice
12. POW Diet
13. Murder with Intent
Appendices: Primary reference materials – maps, lists, orders, reports

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