Carroll, Bruce

About the author: Bruce Carroll is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Western Carolina University in the department of Political Science and Public Affairs. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Carroll was a practicing attorney specializing in commercial and real estate litigation. His current research interests include substantive legal issues, political behavior, and institutional design.

Role, Design and Growing Importance of United States Magistrate Judges
2004 0-7734-6445-X
This work provides the foundation for the study of United States Magistrate Judges and an examination of their behavior. The results presented in this work make a theoretical contribution to the literature supported by both qualitatively and quantitatively examining the roles and decisions of United States Magistrate Judges. At the most fundamental level, this work shows that Magistrate Judges should no longer be overlooked in the public law literature and calls for more research on these, and other overlooked players in the judiciary.

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