Jones, Barbara G. Haney

Barbara G. Haney Jones received her Ph.D. from the University of Wales at Cardiff, UK in 1998 and is presently employed as Controller at the Lewiston, New York office of The Edwin Mellen Press.

Restructuring of Scholarly Publishing in the United States 1980-2001. A Resource Based Analysis of University Presses
2009 0-7734-4727-X
This book explores the ways in which university presses were adjusting in the 1990s to such changes as reduced funding, falling monograph sales, the opening of the midlist niches in trade publishing, and changing computer and telecommunications technology.

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Role the USS Casablanca (CVE 55) Played in World War II in the Pacific
2009 0-7734-3850-5
This book traces the history of the USS Casablanca (CVE-55) from her conception to her sale for scrap after the end of World War II. Her existence is placed in contexts of place and time as she served as a platform for training precommissioning crews of future sister ships and for pilots as they qualified for carrier duty, and then as she carried men, aircraft, and supplies into the Pacific and brought troops and damaged aircraft back to the West Coast. Casablanca’s history is told as seen through the eyes of the men who served aboard her; their stories were obtained mainly through personal interviews and memoirs.

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