Restructuring of Scholarly Publishing in the United States 1980-2001. A Resource Based Analysis of University Presses

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This book explores the ways in which university presses were adjusting in the 1990s to such changes as reduced funding, falling monograph sales, the opening of the midlist niches in trade publishing, and changing computer and telecommunications technology.


". . . provides an informed and informative exploration of how university presses met these various challenges over a two decade span from 1980 through 2001. Dr. Jones' impressively rigorous and rigorous research has produced a seminal study which incorporates a wide variety of factors and issues ranging form financial support, to physical facilities and equipment, to back title management, to academic reputations, to staff and director expertise.
. . . a highly recommended work of impeccable scholarship and of especial interest to the academic publishing community as well as authors and academicians seeking university press publication of their own works in these currently stressful economic times." - Midwest Book Review

Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Diagrams
Foreword by Herbert Richardson, Ph.D.
1. The Crisis in Scholarly Publishing — Opportunities and Threats
2. Radical Potential of Changes in Information Technology
3. Key Issues Facing University Publishers Today
4. The Nature and Structure of Scholarly Publishing
5. Explaining the Restructuring: Theoretical Perspectives
6. Key Research Findings
7. Reflecting on Theory and Practice
Appendix 1— Owners of Publishers and Their Subsidiary Areas of Business, 1980
Appendix 2 — Reviewer Letter to Elsevier
Appendix 3 — Methodological Issues
Appendix 4— Original Survey Questionnaire
Appendix 5— Revised Survey Questionnaire
Appendix 6 — Questionnaire Results and Grids
Appendix 7— List of Respondents to the Survey Questionnaire and to Source of Interviews
References and Selected Bibliography

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