Grenke, Arthur

Dr. Grenke was formerly associated with the Multicultural Program of the Library and Archives of Canada. Dr. Grenke received his Ph.D. in History and Sociology from the University Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

Genocide From Antiquity to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: History and Comparative Analysis
2011 0-7734-3922-6
This is a historical analysis of the dynamics and factors that have led to genocide, from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century.

“In essence, my study, with its emphasis on the individual case, seeks to give insight into changing dynamics leading to genocide from ancient times to the present. … , my study analy[z]es the different genocides with a view of isolating the dynamics historians see as contributing to the different mass destructions. This allows me to draw a much closer connection between the historical case and the theoretical analysis.” -- Introduction

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Genocide From the Advent of Communism to the End of the Twentieth Century
2011 0-7734-3924-2
This second book on genocide by Arthur Grenke marks an important change in the forces contributing to genocide. Prior to the Russian Revolution acts of genocide were usually committed on the conquered by the conquerors. However, after 1917 the Soviets and later the Nazis initiated programs of mass genocide and set the framework for later genocides that followed during the late 20th century. Victims of genocide were often designated as targets to be destroyed for political, ethnic, religious, and pseudo-scientific reasons. By eliminating the perceived internal threat, those who committed genocide did so with the perception they were creating an idealized society. This study, therefore, provides a comprehensive examination of the different cases of genocide and why genocide was committed during the 20th century. This book concludes by offering measures to prevent future acts of genocide.

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