Subject Area: Philosophy-Philosophy of Religion

Anselm's Doctrine of Freedom and Will
 Kane, G. Stanley
1989 0-88946-914-8 250 pages
Pays special attention to Anselm's theory of the will and the three ways in which he used the term. Also treats his definition of freedom and the relationship between grace and freedom.

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How War Makes Politics Impossible
 Hofmeister, Heimo
2007 0-7734-5378-4 208 pages
This book provides an English translation of philosopher Heimo Hofmeister’s book, Der Wille zum Krieg, oder die Ohnmacht der Politik, which traces the connection between war and the individual or group awareness of differences among ‘others’ which leads to inevitable and serious disagreement. Analyzing the relations of strength, force and power on the one hand and state, politics and war on the other, Hofmeister shows that while conflict is inevitable, war is not. Ironically, the same diversity that exists among humanity and the conflicts that arise from the awareness of such are just as much the foundation of harmony, friendship and love as they are that of war and hate.

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Jonathan Edwards and Arthur Schopenhauer on The Freedom of The Will: Two Philosophical Pessimists
 Hall, Richard
2023 1-4955-1098-0 208 pages
"Who would have thought that Jonathan Edwards and Arthur Schopenhauer, the Puritan preacher and the German Gelehrter, had anything in common? As it turns out, a lot. It was William H. Squires who saw what they have in common is the metaphysical and psychological theory of voluntarism. ...I became interested in tracing the theme of the will throughout their works and found that what links them beyond their determinism is their common identification of the will as the primary factor in human psychology and even nature as the foundation of their ethics and aesthetics, that is, their psychological and metaphysical voluntarism as their idealism. The result of that undertaking is this book in which my early interests in Edwards and Schopenhauer converge." -from the author's "Preface"

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Macbeth, Murder, and the Witches: Evil Spirits and Supernatural Coincidences
 Morris, Thomas F.
2022 1-4955-0987-7 448 pages
Dr. Morris discusses the idea that our lives may be shaped by forces beyond our control and reckoning. He uses Shakespeare's Hamlet as a reference point to other philosophers and theologians on this complex issue.

Price: $199.95

Towards a Theory of the Relativity of Truth in Morality and Religion
 Goossens, Charles
2023 1-4955-1061-1 196 pages
This book is an expansion of the book's 1991 publication. In addition to the original text, there is a new preface and postscript by the author. Both the previous book and the additions are included in this volume. The author analyses a model in which moral truth is presented as truth in the perspective of certain social commitments, as well as a model in which religious truth is interpreted as truth in the perspective of religious experience. Theorizes that relativity need not conflict with universality. Truth from the perspective of the insider is truth without qualification.

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