Subject Area: Philosophy-Ancient

Albertelli’s Parmenides: A Translation of Pilo Albertelli’s Annotated Italian Version of Diels-Kranz
 Martin, Stuart B
2016 1-4955-0487-5 180 pages
This is the first English translation of Pilo Albertelli's seminal translation of the work of Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Parmenides. It is a work that is cited and listed by leading philosophy scholars, acknowledging the importance of the original Albertelli Italian translation.

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Aristotelian Approach to Ethical Theory: The Norms of Virtue
 Allard-Nelson, Susan K.
2004 0-7734-6306-2 211 pages
The project of this work is to combine an interpretative study of Aristotle’s thinking about the foundational elements of ethical theory with the formulation of a theory of ethical normativity that is based on those same elements, but that is independently formulated and analyzed. In particular, the book argues that virtue ethics, of an Aristotelian type, can provide a coherent and satisfying theory of normativity, although this has sometimes been denied in modern scholarship. Normativity is sometimes thought to require a theory of a deductive type, in which ethical norms are derived from the principle of universalization (Kant’s view) or from a universal principle, such as, in Utilitarianism, the maximization of human happiness. The claim here is that normativity can also, and more plausibly, be established inductively through an examination of human nature—as understood through a variety of means, including the ethical agent’s own sense of what human nature consists in and scientific psychology—and the interrelated Aristotelian ideas of virtue, happiness, and particular relationships. The suggestion is that, if norms are grounded in this way, we can establish a normative framework that corresponds to the reality of human shared and individual experience and that is, therefore, more cogent than one that depends (deductively) on abstract, universal principles. This Aristotelian, inductive, theory is offered as embodying a cogent account of ethical normativity, which represents a contribution to current philosophical debate on the nature and basis of ethical norms.

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Concept of an Atom. From Democritus to John Dalton
 McDonnell, John J.
1992 0-7734-9649-1 144 pages
This is an investigation into the ages long discussion about whether primary indivisible bodies exist, from Democritus in the fifth century BC, to John Dalton in 1802. Investigates Aristotle's opposition to the first and whether the Democritean atom is the same as the Daltonian atom.

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Interpreting Euripedes's Medea from Aristotelian and Nietzschean Perspectives: A Comparative Literary Criticism
 Eliopoulos, Panos
2021 1-4955-0880-3 544 pages
From the authors' introduction: "Among the many losses which followed the philosophical domination of Plato and Aristotle, one is central to this introduction. Until Nietzsche, serious thought has been associated with, often defined as, systematic thought in prose. As a result, the profound moral and political insights embedded in poetry and tragedy have been neglected or relegated to imaginative speculation. ...In this book we try to extrude some of Euripedes's moral and political thought from Medea. ...[T]his great masterpiece has not been understood as completely as might be expected of a play so famous and so thoroughly examined over the last twenty-five hundred years."

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Logos and Language in the Philosophy of Plotinus
 Heiser, John H.
1991 0-88946-288-7 108 pages
Examines how Plotinus relates language not only to philosophical reasoning, but to noesis, the intuitive and comprehensive act of intellection, and how he relates language to Union with the One, a union "beyond speech and beyond noesis."

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Philosophical Mathematics of Isaac Barrow (1630-1677). Conserving the Ancient Greek Geometry of the Euclidean School
 Gillette, Gregory
2009 0-7734-4772-5 240 pages
Isaac Barrow largely responsible for that preservation and promulgation of the Euclidean tradition which, on the one hand, invigorated the physical science and mathematics of Newton and others, and on the other hand, allowed for an ongoing engagement with classical Greek mathematics, which continues down to the present day. Barrow’s philosophy of mathematics remains relevant to many key issues still at the forefront of modern philosophies of mathematics.

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